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Motorized Single-axis Table

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This motorized positioning table is made of aluminum alloy with an elegant black anodized surface.

It provides 150 mm of travel at a maximum speed of 40 mm per second. The drive mechanism is lead screw.

The bench size is 150 X 150 mm and has a body weight of 4.5 Kg.

The maximum load of this stage table is 30 Kg.

The resolution of 2 μ is achieved with a 10 micro-steps per step stepper motor driver. This linear stage is
also available with a servo motor and optical encoder.

The knob mounted on the motor allows for manual adjustment. This knob may be replaced with an optical encoder for precision position verification.

This stage is compatible with OES' line of
Motion Controllers..




Structure Description


150 mm

Stage Size 150150mm
Lead Screw Pitch  4 mm per turn
Travel Guide

High Precision Linear Slide Guide

Motor Two-Phase Stepper Motor (1.8)/2 Phase Stepper Motor
Main Material Aluminum Alloy
Surface Treatment Black Anodized
Load capacity 30 kg
Weight 4.5 kg

Typical Accuracy

Resolution 2 /Pulse (10 Micro-steps per Step Motor Driver in use)
1 /Pulse (20 Micro step Driver in use)
Maximum Speed 40 mm/sec
Repositioning Accuracy 1 μ
Absolute Positional Accuracy 3 μ
Straightness 4 μ
Driving parallelism 15 μ
Pitching 50"
Deflection 25"
Backlash 2 μ

Accessories Description

Brake (Z)
Grating (G)
Servo Motor (S)
Dustproof Cover (F)

Mechanical Drawing

 Ordering Information

Part No. Description Amount
AQ150-150H Motorized Linear Single-axis Stage, Travel  : 150 mm Click to Get a Quote

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